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Our lives change constantly and we are confronted with new challenges on a daily basis. Many areas are increasing in complexity and becoming much more connected, requiring as a consequence more individual solutions. Decisions need to be made quickly and competently while considering all relevant aspects. In order to be able to meet all these standards and together with you shape your future successes, we have set four principles which function as a compass to guide our actions.

Passionate  Tax Consultation

It goes without saying that we provide you with the best possible and personal consultation. We face your tasks and goals in a dedicated and professional manner. With respect to your specific circumstances we will provide you with individual and solid solutions. In this sense it is important for us to involve you in every step of the way, working in close cooperation with you to implement the respective steps. For us your problems are not only our duty, but they are rather challenges that we dedicate ourselves to with (com)passion.

Quality Through Experience

Unrelenting quality standards and personal comprehensive support services, this is what my competent team and I consider to be a priority in respect of tax consultation. This is also what you can expect of us. Only comprehensive, high quality consultation and support services will be able to cope with constantly changing tax laws and increasingly complex regulations. With high quality qualifications, relentless training and efficient law office management, we as tax advisors are able to create a foundation with which we are able to process your needs in a flexible manner.

Innovation Potential

We want to shape the future together with you. Accordingly, we implement efficient working processes with the help of modern data-processing technology and in cooperation with DATEV e.G., an IT-services provider. Communication and data exchange we prefer to process electronically. In addition, we provide consultation on how to create new business fields, assist in the introduction of innovative business media and support in developing new business models.

Servcie Creates Trust

At the focal point of our activities are your needs and requirements. Not only can you trust us to consistently solve your fiscal and economic problems, but we will also – if necessary – provide you with personal advice and assistance in any other way we can. Of utmost importance to us is that we adhere to schedules, that we are always easily accessible and that we are available on short notice. We also consider transparency with respect to our working processes and costing an important part of proper service provision. We have worked for over 40 years adhering to these principles, and accordingly we work very close with issues at hand and in a trusting partnership with our clients.

Certified Privacy

IT security, data protection and data security are our highest priority. Your client data is stored in the high-security centers of the Datev and is also processed there. The DATEV SmartIT we use is subject to ISO 27001 and §9a BDSG.

Fees For Individuals

You will of course be informed of costs involved in advance. Tax consultation and advice is and will remain a service based on personal trust. Thus, only if both business partners are satisfied can a successful cooperation come into being. Overall we distinguish between two costing methods for determining the price:  a value-based fee will be determined in adherence to the Tax Consultants’ Fee Directive and  time-based fees for other tasks.

Value-Based Fees for Tax Returns

Explained in simple terms: the amount of your tax return depends on your income. You pay a fee for the basic tax return forms, which contain your personal data, data about your insurance and your children. The amount is calculated based on your total annual income. Additional fees will be charged for calculating the income from your activities as an employee, from capital gains, from rentals or from annuities. In order to provide you with an estimate for costs involved in preparing your tax return, I would like to highlight a few common examples (prices include statutory VAT):


Case 1 – Employee with 31,000 € gross salary


An employee with a yearly gross income of 31,000 € will be subject to the following tax consultation fees:

Basic fee 114,14 € / activities as an employee 57,07 €


Total fees for tax consultation:

Case 2 – Married couple with two children and income from rental property


A married couple with two school-age children and both partners working as employees of a company, with him earning a gross salary of 65,000 € and her earning 32,000 €. They also rent out a house with an annual income of 20,000 €. The tax consultation fees will be calculated in a following manner:

Basic fee 196,74 € activities as an employee, husband 77.17 €, activities as an employee, wife 57,07€, rental of property 44,37 €.

Total fees for tax consultation:

Case 3 – Retiree with interest income and income from the rental of property


A retiree receives an annual statutory retirement income of 3,000 €, a widow’s annuity payment of 4,800 € as well as a private retirement income of 1.200 € from life insurance. In addition, she receives 3,200 € in interest payments and rents out an apartment for 16,800 € annually.

Basic fee 88.75 € retirement incomes 28,34 € capital income 28,34 € and rental income 41,62 €

Total fees for tax consultation

Often it is not possible to determine fees for the preparation of income tax returns without knowing concrete details. These points can however be clarified in a first appointment, which is of course free of charge.


Time-based Fees

The time-based fee is calculated based the amount of time required to complete the task at hand and, depending on the complexity, usually ranges between 30 € and 70 € for each started half-hour.

The hourly wage will be agreed upon beforehand. Time-based fees usually are relevant when for instance calculating the earning power, incidental and allowance costs, costs for asset planning or consultation on the maintenance of parents.